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Born in Zimbabwe, raised in London and high schooled in Nigeria... if you ask me, I am from all over. Currently based in London, I am a creative but mainly on that same journey of self discovery but with big dreams since 1997. 

I like to think that I am old school, yes I said it! I am a hopeless romantic, lover of comedy, nature and travelling but above all I am a young black woman from the ends with a southern accent.


"I've always envisioned being more than just one thing. Life is simple but the opportunities are infinite."


Queenie Chizea

At 24-years-old, Queenie is a young, black creative based in London currently building her dream. She has spoken on stages across the UK, in front of international audiences and amongst influential figureheads.


Queenie spent the last four years in the design, marketing and communications industry, scaling up online platforms for organisations in the third sector. Her area of expertise is graphic design, photography, content creation and branding [marketing] and is currently building her multi-design studio.

In the space of seven years, she has gone from being abandoned & homeless to empowered & home[full], impacting lives through the work she does with various organisations.

She has worked with many charitable organisations and is a trustee for two local youth organisations and co-chair of a community action group, she  is passionate about all things people.


I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe


I actually don't have many memories from home, I moved to the United Kingdom with my parents in the late 90s maybe even the year 2000? My parents migrated, just like any other family to seek a better life. I was a toddler, fun

Nevertheless, I value my culture so much! It is rich, beautiful and Zim is known to have the best sunsets and let's not forget Victoria Falls. Zimbabwe exists to me only in the stories that my birth family share and through the eyes of fellow Zimbabweans and the hope is to visit home one day and live a true life of a Zim Queen. 

Culture is so important to me because it feeds into identity and this is something that I have struggled with for years but I will never change a thing about my history.


Outside the hustle and bustle... "you'll find me relaxing at home, spending time with my baby sister, Angel, at the airport on the way to the next destination or reading a book [or maybe watching an ep. of girlfriends]".

doing what I do best . . .

You'll probably find me sitting at my desk thinking of new ideas, being creative and future thinking [makes me sound all serious] but a girl has got an empire to build!


I am also sitting here thinking about all the ways I can help other ambitious & aspiring individuals like myself to discover themselves and accomplish their goals.

I'll tell you what makes me excited, seeing the light in peoples eyes when they begin to see how their ideas can become a reality. If you know me, you'll know that I am not your typical realist, I believe that if you  can think it, you  can  achieve it and I am that voice for those who find themselves turning left on their goals.


The road to success is not the most exciting but the destination is great as long as we believe we can. Do you believe you can? This is why I am here, to help you believe so hard that there is no way those dreams, goals and desires don't come to fruition. Remember it's about the patience and the faith. 


unapologetically me

A girl on a mission to be her best self in all areas, being unapologetic about being me, wearing my confidence everyday, being the creative that I am and making an impact wherever I go.



a Daughter



A Dreamer




First and foremost a Baby Girl:

I don't the most straightforward and conventional story like most folk. Firstly I am a daughter of the most high [God]. I moved to the UK with my birth parents who eventually split up resulting in me having to be placed in foster care with the best foster mum. My baby sister and I were eventually adopted with a new mum.


I've moved around a lot and eventually reconnected with my birth parents. Sadly, I lost my dad to the virus in 2020 as we began to get closer which broke my heart but I will always be a daughter & baby girl. 

Never a Realist always a Faith-ist:

If you know me, you'll know that I don't like the term "realistic" and even though that is an ideal level of thinking, I always believe that as long as you believe it, you can achieve it. We set our minds on what we want and so therefore whatever we think, we attract & become.

If you believe it, you can do it.



Globe Trotter

The Stage is my Kingdom:

Speaking is my thing, I remember the first stage that I was on, it wasn't actually to speak, it was to sing and my gosh the nerves were real! I began my speaking journey in 2016 where I began to speak about my story through care and adoption.


Since then, I have spoken on stages to over a thousand people and counting. I love to make an impact and I have worked incredibly hard to develop my stage presence which I will be speaking and coaching on through my platform discovering [coming soon].

Point me to the nearest destination:


Just Queenie

Fun fact: It's a nickname:

I love to travel, I believe it is so important to see the world if you have the opportunity to do so. As a creative, seeing the world from a whole new perspective always feeds into my ideas and I absolutely love it!

Some of my favourite destinations have been Dubai, Venice and New York [plus so many more] which I would visit 100 times over. I put tother a list of all of my favourite destinations with things to do tips here, enjoy!

I have a lot of names but formally it's Chinelo, but you can call me Queenie! A nickname from my birth name Aquinatta but to make it easy for you, it's just  Queenie.


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